About us

Company Scientiae nubem is not just another ICT Company that on margins of their business engages with the Research & Education Community. In fact, company was built from it’s roots to provide tailored services to this community.

Founded by experienced IT professionals, we carefully designed our approach to handle the need of the Research & Education community, and we intent to simplify professional lives of CIOs at NRENs, Universities, Research Institutes and other R&E Institutions.

We are doing this by packaging different cloud services together, combining our own services with services from other cloud providers and building the unique combination especially designed with R&E users in mind.By using our services, we promise to simplify your life by aligning all services T&C under a single contract, and unified billing service.

We collaborate openly with the GÉANT Cloud team to provide the best possible service experience to a broad number of user all across the globe.

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